Sookwan Han

I'm interested in 3 things:

1. Interstellar travel: to extend human history on a millenial scale
2. Generalizable robots: making low birth-rate problems not a problem (especially in Korea) by solving the challenges of inefficient workforce distribution
3. Sustaining academia: keeping exploratory stance of human society instead of converging to exploitative practices

Tbh, these are ambitious goals. So I'm solving various subproblems to achieve those.

Hello! I am an undergraduate student at Seoul National University, majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I am currently fulfilling my national duty as a soldier in the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF).

Feel free to contact me for coffee-chat or collaboration (on research, projects, etc.)!!!

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  • July 2024 One paper is accepted to ECCV 2024.
  • June 2024 Received Chief-of-Staff Award!
  • December 2023 Joined Republic of Korea Air Force.
  • September 2023 CHORUS code released! Available here.
  • August 2023 Won 1st place in 2023 SNU FastMRI challenge.
  • August 2023 Succesfully lead the Diffusion Lecture in Visual Computing Lab. The materials are available here, feel free to use them!! Also, if you come across any misconceptions or typos in the material, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.
  • July 2023 Two papers are accepted to ICCV 2023.



* denotes equal contribution

Beyond the Contact: Discovering Comprehensive Affordance for 3D Objects from Pre-trained 2D Diffusion Models

Hyeonwoo Kim*, Sookwan Han*, Patric Kwon, Hanbyul Joo
In ECCV 2024
[Project Page]


Learning Canonicalized 3D Human-Object Spatial Relations from Unbounded Synthesized Images
Sookwan Han, Hanbyul Joo
In ICCV 2023 as Oral Presentation
[arXiv] [Project Page] [Code]


* denotes equal contribution

Chupa: Carving 3D Clothed Humans from Skinned Shape Priors using 2D Diffusion Probabilistic Models
Byungjun Kim*, Patric Kwon*, Kwangho Lee, Myunggi Lee, Sookwan Han, Daesik Kim, Hanbyul Joo
In ICCV 2023 as Oral Presentation
[arXiv] [Project Page] [Code]


Republic of Korea Air Force

Aerial Intelligence

2023.12 - Present

Engaged in National Service
Obligatory up to 2025.09
Received Chief-of-Staff Award (2024.06)

Seoul National University


2020.03 - Present

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Double-Major: Physics
Student Body President of SNU ECE (2022)

Research/Work Experience

Visual Computing Lab


2022.03 - 2023.11

Advisor: Hanbyul Joo
Research Area: Human-Object Interaction
Our research focuses on advancing machine perception by developing algorithms and models that enable machines to accurately understand and perceive the interactions between humans and objects.



2021.09 - 2022.02

Advisor: Jaejoon Kim
Research Area: Quantized/Compressed Neural Networks
Our research focuses on quantizing and compressing neural networks, with a particular emphasis on transformers. The goal is to optimize their performance specifically for embedded devices.


Physics Expert Certification


Korean Physical Society
Certified as Expert in all fields

SNU FastMRI Challenge

2023.07 - 2023.08

SNU Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Won 1st place (out of 144 teams, Team Captain)

Heart Disease AI Datathon

2021.11 - 2021.12

Ministry of Science and ICT, National Information Society Agency, SNU College of Medicine, Yonsei Office of Research Affairs
Received Grand Prize (out of 169 teams, Team Captain)

University Mathematics Competition


Korean Mathematical Society
Received Gold Prize


Presidential Science Scholarship

2020.03 - Present

Korea Student Aid Foundation (KOSAF)
Full scholarship for undergraduate studies and additional living expenses support